Halla Beloff

I spend time studying /Interpretive Repertoires/ when I examine texts, verbal or visual; that is, the limited range of ‘terms’ used in particular stylistic and grammatical constructions. I want to find the purpose and the consequences of such Interpretive Repertoires.

And I’m eager to study and interpret contradictions. (Freud would have called them denials, rationalisations, any ways in which a thing repressed, returns.)

Others: Modern artists especially use limited Repertoires, which become their trade-marks. (And confirm the modern art work as a consumer product.) Think of Alan Jones’ high heels, Francis Bacon’s squashed faces, Helmut Newton’s oiled and tanned skins and Robert Mapplethorpe’s sex objects, whether they were black young men or black bunches of grapes. Clerambault’s Repertoire is, of course, that of /Going into Foreign Lands/ i.e. Orientalism.

NB Edward Said (quoted in Time magazine) here … Representation – is about how we see other cultures and depict them – in our own – through imagination and stereotype…

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