April 2007

Cyborgs – interactive or indifferent kinds

kris_r | April 26th, 2007

On this blog I already mentioned Ian Hackings groundbreaking work “The Social Construction of What?” His central argument is that much of the work that has been done to ‘unmask’ certain phenomena as constructions often starts from the idea that these constructions are ‘false’ or in any case a ‘bad thing’ and according to Hacking […]

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Performative turn

kris_r | April 23rd, 2007

The last edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival was organised around the theme of interactivity. Interact or Die! focused on interactivity in general (“Interaction not as a deformation of existing forms, but rather an addition of information, an informing, a formation of forms”) and the notion of interactivity in art in particular (“Interactive art […]

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kris_r | April 22nd, 2007

“The 16th -century humanists were the founders of the modern Humanities just as surely as the 17th -century natural philosophers were founders of modern Science and Philosophy: for instance, the ways of describing human cultures implicit in Book VI of Aristotle’s Ethics, and reintroduced in our day by Clifford Geertz as “thick description”, were already […]

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