November 2006

Blogging Issue

kris_r | November 25th, 2006

Blogging Issue Publication Announcement Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture In the latest issue of the on-line journal Reconstruction several aspects of weblogs are being discussed. Craig Saper wrote an interesting article on ‘Blogademia’, where he discusses the phenomenon of academic bloggers (sic). There is an interesting passage on the relation between blogs and academic writing: […]

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kris_r | November 22nd, 2006

From November 17th till November 18th the HSN-conference took place at our department. HSN (Het Schoolvak Nederlands) is a two-day meeting for teachers of mother tongue (Dutch) and literature who have the opportunity to exchange good practices. At this conference the essay ‘De Cultuur van het Lezen’ by Ronald Soetaert was presented and one of […]

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Surprising Powers

kris_r | November 10th, 2006

Richard Powers’ scientific humanism. By Stephen Burt If the term “science fiction” had no prior meaning, it would describe all the novels of Richard Powers. The MacArthur “genius”-grant winner, whose ninth novel, The Echo Maker, comes out this fall (and is nominated for a National Book Award), does not just write about scientists, programmers, and […]

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