kris_r | October 2nd, 2006

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I’d just restate the implicit argument of Gerald Graff’s “Professing Literature”:  the criticism and discussion of literature has never really been at home in the modern research university.  We’ve imported our professional M.O. from the sciences (e.g., the scholarly journal that comes out four times a year), and I guess our disciplinary rationale is that we’re “accumulating knowledge” in some way, even though the journal format and the model of quantitative “knowledge accumulation” does not suit literature or the study of literature at all.  I’d guess that the future of academic literary study will go less in the direction of Moretti’s (deliberately counterfactual, to point up the absurdity of humanists trying to act like natural scientists?) model, and in more of a free-form, interactive model.  I.e., the future looks more blog-like and less like the quarterly journal with all those footnotes that no one, not even scholars themselves, want to read. Continue reading »

Crossroads 2006

kris_r | September 17th, 2006


From July 19th till July 23th, the 6th ACS Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference took place in Istanbul Bilgi University.

There was no specified theme but the aim was “to construct an intellectual space for the international cultural studies community to meet, to give voice to different cultural orientations and researches…”. This was reflected in participants from over 50 countries coming together in more than 200 sessions. Within this overload of themes and papers there was a question, however, that was central throughout the conference: “Where should Cultural Studies go?” Of course, not one single answer was formulated to this question, but it is clear that there is a need to build the Association for Cultural Studies as “an international association truly capable of expressing and responding in practical ways to the real diversity and the urgency of cultural studies work around the world” as was expressed by Meaghan Morris.

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Are Shared Discourses Desirable

kris_r | June 26th, 2006

Are Shared Discourses Desirable? A Response to Nancy McKoski
Patricia Bizzell
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The social construction of what?

kris_r | June 23rd, 2006

The Social Construction of What?
Ian Hacking

Lost in the raging debate over the validity of social construction is the question of what, precisely, is being constructed. Facts, gender, quarks, reality? Is it a person? An object? An idea? A theory? Each entails a different notion of social construction, Ian Hacking reminds us. His book explores an array of examples to reveal the deep issues underlying contentious accounts of reality.
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The social construction of knowledge

kris_r | June 23rd, 2006

Multimedia, Hypermedia, and the Social Construction of Knowledge
Edited by Edward Barrett

Sociomedia continues the assessment of hypertext and hypermedia systems begun in Text, ConText, and HyperText and The Society of Text. It examines the use of integrated multimedia to support social or collaborative research, learning, and instruction in the university, one of the best environments for developing and analyzing the effects of computing technologies on our understanding of complex sets of information. The twenty-five contributions discuss critical design issues in the creation of advanced multimedia computing technologies, describe the systems now in use, and assess the effectiveness of this emerging technology.
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The Construction of Social Reality

kris_r | May 1st, 2006

in Minority Discourse:
Polish Immigrants in Montreal.
Maciej Domanski
Département d’anthropologie
Faculté des arts et des sciences
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Halla Beloff

kris_r | May 1st, 2006

I spend time studying /Interpretive Repertoires/ when I examine texts, verbal or visual; that is, the limited range of ‘terms’ used in particular stylistic and grammatical constructions. I want to find the purpose and the consequences of such Interpretive Repertoires.
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CT_BT_GRAFFITI | Mausoleum 2006

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Refracted Vision

kris_r | April 17th, 2006

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Rhizome News

April 17, 2006
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