To situate…

Since may 2005 I started working at Ghent University for the Department of Education. More specific I am part of a team where the research and teaching focus is on culture, literacy and education.

My general research domain is literacy/ multiliteracies with three areas of special interest:

– Academic/ scientific literacy (focus on academic repertoires/ genres, identities, representation of acadmic literacy, conceptions of science)
– Domain specific knowledge (focus on education/ interaction within disciplines, disciplines as discourse communities).
– Digital literacy: recent developments concerning science, culture and literacy in relation to the digitization.

The methodology I will be using for my research will be ethnographical with a strong focus on discourse analysis.

It is within this area of research that I will try to write a PhD-thesis on academic literacy. This blog will serve as a space to collect quotes, to present ideas, to (re)formulate a hypothesis and to publish draft versions.

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